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Welcome to our new website!

This is where you will find News and Current Events when we start blogging!

This Gargoyle appeared on our 2010 Calendar that was mailed to many of you. The drawing was done by Lynn from a photo that she took of the Cathedral at Palma De Majorca Spain. In order to qualify as a “Gargoyle” this carved stone creature must control water flow, usually directing it away from the wall of a building. Stone creatures that are not involved in water management like the ones on our downtown building, are called “Grotesques”. There are thousands of stone creatures adorning architecture around the globe and we enjoy our ongoing search for them….

Meanwhile, our 2011 Calendar that is scheduled to mail at the end of the month will be the beginning of a new series….. Be sure to get yours by sending us your updated information!!

Please use the Contact Tab to send us your new address, and also please include your email so that you will get our periodic e-blasts.

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