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Rob Belles, firm principal working LATE in the Production Office to get a project out for an important client!

We believe Customer Service is “Important”!

PROJECTS ARE SCHEDULED in an order of your necessity. If you need it, you will get it. We maintain close client relationships and open lines of communication. We are able to judge your project’s urgency, meet your deadlines, and complete your project on time. Our list of satisfied clients is solid evidence of our ability to balance workload to your satisfaction, a strong characteristic of good customer service.

THE OFFICE IS OPEN WHEN YOU NEED US.  We work WHEN needed, and WHERE needed.  Often YOUR new building or building site is where will initially meet, and our “office” for that day.  Seeing the property in person is not only convenient for you – but helps us understand your needs and desires.

OUR PRODUCTION OFFICE is where the nitty-gritty work is done.  Most times this is at our state-of-the-art home-based facility.   However, with the advances in technology, it might be poolside, on a beach, or Cruising the Seas.  With a little internet, and a good phone connection we can produce your drawings ANYWHERE.  When we are home, in Rockford, you are always welcome to stop in to check on the progress, to meet about a future project, or discuss something that has already been archived.  Please call ahead and we will make time for you in our busy schedules because we believe customer service is important.

COMMUNICATION with us could not be easier. Call the office and you will speak with a human–no complicated phone system, no gatekeeper. Evening hours, weekends, and holidays, you will automatically be connected to the cell phone of “THE owners”, Rob or Lynn.  There is only one phone number to record for 24/7 contact. As your project architect, we are available for reliable communication when you need us. Utilizing information technology such as email, the internet, and cell phones, we will communicate with you about your project from anywhere on the globe.


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