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This Industrial Architecture Firms Portfolio of work includes build-outs for national and international like Sahara Air Products, Estwing Manufacturing, DeKalb Genetics, and FPM/Ipsen.

In our area plans drawn by Industrial Architecture Firms are required for ALL industrial construction.  As Americans – we are entitled to the assurance of safe public buildings.  All industrial construction is inspected by the authority having jurisdiction over the property (a municipality) upon completion of the work.  That way – you are assured that each public building –  place of business, government, recreation facility or place of employment is compliant with all building codes and safety regulations.  It feels good to know that all public places have to meet these requirements.  Some times as Americans we take this for granted.

It is wise to involve a Industrial Architecture Firm as early in your project process as possible. Don’t be afraid of the cost- we will work with you and it could save you a fortune in the long run!  We can offer sound advice related to the selection of land or a tenant space.  We know the codes and regulations that will be enforced and can offer advice to you about how the location you select – will effect the big picture.  Hiring an Architect early in your project will save you a fortune in the long run.

At Belles Architecture, we offer mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services related to most of our work which results in a well coordinated project.  Many Industrial Architecture Firms don’t do Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing design.  It is customary for a firm to offer MEP design but to out source for the actual work product.  When shopping for an Architect make sure to find out exactly which services are provided and which services are being outsourced.  In house MEP design has great value because your Architect is responsible for your complete project.   Here at Belles Firm of Architecture – you will almost never pay a marked up fee for out sourced work resulting in a more accurate and more affordable work product.

We are ALWAYS willing to provide the exact amount of service that you need – no more and no less –  Call today for a free phone consultation!

Here is a sampling of our industrial work.  Each project is different.  Each client is different.  You will see design-build banks and warehouses as well as custom interiors for business clients.  



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