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Technology for architects is the framework of Lynn Belles’ creative space where she searches the globe for just the right finishing touches for your project.

We are a small firm connected at high speed to reality by technology for Architects!!

COMMUNICATION We are connected via smart phones, (both Apple and Android) Laptops, and Tablets, to the world from where ever they go.  We even travel with our own Skyroam WiFi Hot spot.

SOFTWARE AutoCad, by Autodesk is used both as a drafting tool and a design program utilizing the capabilities of three dimensional modeling.  We utilize a PDF editor that interfaces with AutoCad, to print drawings in a digital format that can be delivered anywhere in the world. Through the use of Adobe we also create digital documents such as invoices, letters and other presentations. We use Bluebeam as a “graphic markup” tool to aid in electronic communication. Specifications are generated in Corel WordPerfect, or Microsoft Word, utilizing the Master Spec format. This provides an industry standard base and maximum flexibility. Estimating is done utilizing spreadsheet production software and other technology for architects.  And we still can send/receive faxes thru a dedicated fax phone number, when necessary.


FACILITIES  We have an “old school” file room with fire proof metal cabinets that protect older paper media and other correspondences that we are required to save/archive.


And, we have an “old school” model shop for the creation of physical models when called for.   There is NO substitute for a physical model.   We also produce a small number of custom stained glass works Designed by Lynn, in this work area.


HARDWARE Everyone is equipped with a personal computer and laptop that is networked with the rest of the office.  All data is stored, and accessed locally on our QNAP server.  In addition the IDrive Cloud is used to back-up our data.  When out of the office data can be accessed remotely thru the sever, or at the cloud, if necessary.  The office is hardwired with Cat 6 cable that is connected to a dedicated ComCast 100+Mpbs line. 

The Production Office is equipped with modern printing equipment and other technology for architects.

  • Cannon full sized (36″ x 50′) color plotter

  • HP High Speed Laser Printer

  • Brother Multi-Purpose Machine (fax, scan, print)

  • HP Color Inkjet Large Scale Printer 13 x 19

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