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  • Lynn Lundstrom Belles

It's February Again...

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

A post about "why we do what we do" and a little bit about "how specifically we do it!"

It's pretty likely that if you are a client that you own a business... Do you have your vacation planned or you can't do that because you own a business? Please give us one minute of your time.

February is high season for Cruise Travel. The Caribbean is the most popular destination, and the supply and demand of a wide range of cruise experiences it proof of that. Obviously high supply and demand assures that the price of these cruises is just a bit higher. Many don't realize that all travel pricing is driven by season and date, either where you are or where you're going. In February it's our fault for wanting to leave this brutal cold weather in North America!

Rob and I have been cruising in February for many years. One year long ago we booked our first Caribbean Cruise in February. I believe it was a Celebrity back to back two week cruise out of Old San Juan Puerto Rico. It grabbed our attention because it was less expensive than all the rest. Hmmm... After studying the air fares we determined that the cruise price was exactly as much less, as we would pay more, in air fare. End result - same price.. But one thing was better. We would fly to warm weather, not drive there on a ship. Our February vacation would begin and end in hot Caribbean air! Most Caribbean Cruises begin and end in Florida. It takes a full day or more to drive the ship from Florida, down to hot Caribbean air. And then you also have that day of driving on the way back as well. Sometimes it's downright cold in south Florida in February. Ask me how I know.

There was one other benefit to our February Cruise.. We would be on the ship for Valentine's Day. We both packed pink and red dress up clothing. Celebrity made one of the "fancy nights" occur on Valentine's Day. This means that there are photographers abound - heightened quality entertainment, and the best meals are offered in the dining room. I'm not sure I remember but likely it was Lobster Night! (Included in our cruise fare)

In the end we figured out that February was the perfect time to cruise for cold weather mid-westerners. If you take a two week Cruise, and are on the ship for Valenetines Day, when you return it's ALMOST MARCH! You can smell it in the air... So we have made an attempt ever since to cruise in February!

This year our trip will be a bit more exotic, as we fly to Buenos Aires Argentina to embark on the Celebrity Infinity sailing to Antartica and back. It will be a scenic trip with less warm air more sea days and fewer ports of call. It is the most challenging trip I've ever packed for. The ship has "starlink internet" the fastest at sea. Head on over to our other blog "Travel Like an Architect™" [affiliate link] to see the itinerary.

STARLINK Martime Coverage Map

(we can answer email from our remote location)

Since this IS our official annual vacation we won't really be "working" but if you need us we're there for you. You can look forward to beautiful photos that we will share out via Instagram and Facebook, if you follow one or more of our accounts.

Belles Firm of Architecture - Architecture Photos - Instagram - Facebook

Travel Like an Architect - Unique Trip Photos - Instagram - Facebook

We booked this trip back in August depositing $900. Final payment wasn't due until November. We could have booked much earlier, as much as two years. Booking way in advance gives you more time to save the money. We have money pre-allocated for travel, so it's always there. But if you're like we used to be, you can make payments of any amount any time between your deposit and final payment day.

NOW is the perfect time to book these!

If you know what you want you can DIY at our site - but we really want to help you pick a brand that fits your expectations...

We are getting onboard spending as a promo and also as shareholders. We are booked in a concierge class balcony stateroom because this is a scenic trip. We have an Adult Beverage Package, Pre Paid Gratuities, & Ship Wifi all included in our fare. Just like if we booked it for you, we will earn a commission. FYI, we are spending around $500 day for the two of us, not including airfare. Celebrity is an upscale experience - everything is just a notch above! Cruising is always a very good value!

Think you might like to cruise?

Give us a call, or ask for our expertise next time we are together.

Disclaimer: Rob and Lynn Belles wear many hats. If you happen upon a link within our blog here or at other linked sites, and you click it there is a possibility we could financially benefit from that. Generally speaking you have to make a purchase after clicking in order for us to earn income. But - It is our greatest hope that the things we share are of great value to you! Recently I have begun marking these links in the line, where they occur with [affiliate link] which is a third party commissionable link, or [convenience link] - which is just there for your convenience. If you see one of our business logos likely it is also a link to it's website. Obviously we earn money there at OUR website, but ONLY if you make a purchase.

As always our opinions are our own and we always aspire to be an authentic voice - we DO NOT PROMOTE goods or services that we don't personally use and believe in.


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