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“Travel Like an Architect”

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Your Vacation Specialists

Certified Independent Vacation Specialists with Cruises Inc.

Early in 2014 Lynn and Rob Belles, the owners of Belles Firm of Architecture, opened “Belles World Travel” Lynn & Rob Belles Cruises Inc. Through this affiliation, they have access to the best cruise and land vacation deals and exclusive, elite product and service offerings. With their help you can Travel Like an Architect too!

Get started by reading about our adventures at our Travel Blog:

Architect's travel blog

We would never expect you to book travel through our website, but you can! We offer personalized service, specialized expertise and a depth of knowledge about traveling with a family and without! Our website is a great place to do your research! You can shop around there to find out exactly what there is and you can even get real time pricing. You can learn a lot about the different cruise lines and places to go. You can sign up to receive our exclusive deals in a weekly email that keeps you in the know, so that when you are ready to book it is fast and easy. It is a great way to develop focus and share things you are interested in with friends and family by sending them links to different pages.

Belles World Travel specializes in affordable family vacations and exotic or luxury travel for the purpose of continuing education. The Belles’ want to see the architecture of the world and teach clients how to “Travel Like an Architect.” Rob and Lynn have traveled all over the world and are seeking to dispel the thought that international travel is too expensive. There are so many fascinating things to see and they know from experience that there is no substitute for being there.

For more information or to book a dream vacation with “Belles Travel”

Please call – Lynn & Rob Belles Cruises Inc.

815-516-0300 or 607-Get-Away

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