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#TLAA = UNESCO, Historic Bridgetown Barbados

#TLAA = UNESCO, Historic Bridgetown Barbados

#TLAA stands for “Travel Like an Architect”

“Travel Like an Architect” means to seek out UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

When Lynn and I travel we always look for UNESCO sites!


Here is a link to a list, that will get you started understanding why. Basically UNESCO sites are the most famous places on Earth!

A UNESCO site can be a Building, Neighborhood, Cities, and other irreplaceable places of Culture, History, and Heritage. They promise to fascinate and inspire anyone, not just Architects!

We happened upon Bridgetown Barbados and it’s Garrison during our #TLAAWindstar18 Voyage. If you get to Bridgetown, and are looking for ideas, check out Jen Reviews: 100 Best Things to do in Barbados.

We sailed in luxury with Windstar Cruises, for 14 nights in the Caribbean on the Wind Surf, where we were spoiled with six UNESCO destinations.

On this Windstar back to back cruise we sailed out of Bridgetown, so between cruises we had a FULL day to explore. As luck happens, we were 3 kilometers from the Bridgetown Historic District and it’s Garrison. This neighborhood is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO sites always catch our attention because you are assured of seeing amazing ARCHITECTURE! This one was within walking distance from the cruise ship pier. You can easily do your own self guided tour of any UNESCO World Heritage Site. And we set out to do just that.

UNESCO stands forUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s – International World Heritage program. The program catalogs preserved sites of outstanding importance, either cultural or natural, to the common heritage of humankind, on a world wide basis.

Next time you see a destination marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – don’t miss it. You are assured that you will not be disappointed! That’s why we always seek them out.

Enjoy the photos, below, of our afternoon exploring.

For help finding the perfect cruise with UNESCO destinations, call Belles World Travel – Cruises, Inc. 815-516-0300.

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Historic Bridgetown Barbados – UNESCO World Heritage Site

historic bridgetown barbados
historic bridgetown barbados
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