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Pigeon Island is NOT an Island – Anymore

Pigeon Island is NOT an Island – Anymore

pigeon island

Pigeon Island is a peninsula on the island of St Lucia. We were told it used to be an island however sandals resorts filled in the sand bar between the island and the mainland. I wondered if it was possible to fill in the land in front of sandals and build another resort.

This is a repeat port on our B2B Cruise. At this stop we decided we would hike the island as it is a National Park. On Google Maps it look like a simple 3 mile hike. Once we got there we learned it was 3 miles flat, but 140 feet vertical. We were up for the challenge.

First we visited the small cemetery. Next we TRIED to see the Carib Caves dating from 1000AD. We were told hurricane Thomas had wasted them to sea. “Doubting Thomas”, as Rob’s Mom called him did not belive it. We did find where the caves HAD been.

Josette Leigh had a long-term lease for this island. She built a thriving Yacht Haven here. Most tourists only climb to the visible fort that guards the entrance into the Harbor.

In typical #TravelLikeAnArchitect fashion we would not be content until we made it to the very top and saw everything. We explored the Fort. Rob even crawled through a small hole into a munitions bunker where he was able to film a small dark room. We continued onward up the hill to the ruins of officers quarters and an open area with a solitary flagpole. Now the BIG climb.

We could see people hiking the big hill, called “The Lookout”. While searching for the path a couple emerged from the brush – path found! Up, up, and up we went. Lynn the fearless cheerleader would repeat: “This is a good time to practice DEEP breathing.” We passed another couple on their way down. They assured us the view was worth the climb.

A little water, and up, up, up some more. To the top we arrived. Lynn celebrated with a yoga pose.

We found a Dept. of Survey marker that proclaimed we had climbed 140′. The view of our Windstar – Wind Surf ship home was breathtaking. A luxurious way to see the world.

After much viewing, the HARD work began. The descent down lage rocks, and loose gravel was difficult. Only one small scrape and we were down at the support area of the Fort where staff relaxed. A crew was erecting a tent in one of the ruins for a BIG BIG wedding.

Island Attitude: “They have a really big wedding, and we get to make some money”. A nice rest at a beach bar with a glass of rum punch, and back to our cozy room.

Pigeon Island is a tender port. The tender docks at a pier in the Park. It was a pleasant ride. Back on board we arrived to our freshly made up room, clean water, and an afternoon snack at the Yacht Club.

And no Windstar Cruise would be complete without the signature sail away. The unfurling of sails to the playing of 1492, Conquest of paradise.

If this sounds like a fantastic time – it is. Call Belles World Travel – Cruises, Inc. at 815-516-0300.

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