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Enjoy the Architecture – If only for one night

 Intercontinental Chicago O'Hare

The Lobby at the Intercontinental Chicago O’Hare

For the holidays, we traveled to visit Rob’s parents in Texas.

Our flight was to be early, and we also needed to park our car while we were gone, so we booked a Park – Sleep & Fly package at a hotel near Ohare Airport. Because of the recession, a very nice hotel was affordable. We stayed at the Intercontinental Chicago Ohare, a beautifully modern building where contemporary art and cutting-edge design merge with world-class service for an unsurpassed lodging experience….. Truly modern Architecture like this is unique and hard to find. Perhaps because it is expensive, to design and construct and a hotel of this size can only be supported by a mega metropolitan area. The architect needs talent, taste and a generous budget, and the client must understand what he is getting. The clean lines (uncluttered horizontal surfaces), open space (unused square footage), and volumes of vertical air space serving only to free the mind of confinement and distraction create dynamic accommodations that merge contemporary design with a keen eye for detail. In Rockford the only building designed purposefully for the display of Art, is of course the Art Museum. Anyway, we really enjoyed exploring the Intercontinental. At some point we realized the need to return to our room for our camera. There was even an area of work by Andy Worhol. Since a picture paints a thousand words….. please enjoy the Architecture with us, and choose the Intercontinental the next time you Park – Sleep & Fly.

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