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Enjoy Architecture – where ever you go!

Some say that Architects Live, Breath, Eat & Sh*t Architecture…….. what they really mean is that they enjoy Architecture where ever they go! Something that anyone could do. Ideally, a convertible to view skyscrapers in a big city, comfortable shoes to walk a neighborhood, or just a quick thought is all it takes to notice your surroundings…. We all enjoy Architecture, we just may not have realized it yet.

Anticipation of seeing our daughter dance for the first time since August brought us to the Athenaeum Theatre and Performing Arts Center on the near north side of Chicago for the beautiful Nutcracker Ballet by Ballet Chicago. The theater is at a six point intersection next to a beautiful Catholic Church, St Alphonsus. We hurried to the stage door while calling Susan to let her know of our arrival. Susan had purchased our tickets at the box office on the day prior. The stage door opened and Susan appeared with tickets in hand. It was good to see her, she had been gone all week bumming a bed here and there as production week rehearsals were too demanding for her to commute from Rockford. We pocketed the tickets, and hustled back to our car with her baggage……….. her holiday break was to begin at the close of the show this afternoon. After loading the car we had a few minutes to spare, so climbed the grand stair to the beautiful church.<

I had never seen a church such as this in the Midwest, only in Europe several years ago. The beautiful colors of the nave flanked with gorgeous stained glass windows gave a serene aura to this hectic day. We are really glad we took the time to step in, if only for a few minutes. Did you know that most churches are open daily. It is OK to just step in for a moment or two and enjoy the Architecture. We do this frequently, and seldom encounter another human…. This time being Sunday, others were about, but welcomed us to look around. Soon it was time to press on to the show, and of course exploring the theater.

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