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Architects weekend

In times like these, Rob and Lynn Belles are being super cautious not to overspend!! While in need of a much deserved break from desks and computers Rob purchased a “Groupon” for a single night’s stay in an historic bed and breakfast in Mayville Wisconsin. Rob used $10 in Groupon referral credit and only an additional $35 for the quick get-away reservation! Here is your chance to experience an Architects weekend off!

The Audubon Inn which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Beaumont Hotel was built beginning in 1875. This Queen Anne boutique hotel located at the gateway to the Horicon Marsh represents the strength of the Mayville community and endurance of history in this quiet town along the Rock River in Wisconsin.

We arrived in Mayville late in the afternoon, just in time for a walking tour through downtown along the mighty Rock. We wandered up the block where we found a walking bridge at a damn connected to a rustic stair up the opposing river bank. Our curiosity and love of architecture always takes us exploring… We climbed the steps, then headed south toward an area that had looked interesting on our way into town. We crossed back over the river at the Fireman’s Park Lodge walking bridge and then climbed up a limestone stair to the “Graceland “ Cemetery, where we found the future grave of a “Robert Kennedy” and enjoyed a peaceful exploration at almost sunset. The Beaumont Restaurant on the ground floor of the Audubon Inn was to be our dinner destination… so we headed back before arrival of the cool night air. As we approached the Audubon inn on foot, we realized that we needed to move our car to the lot across the street for the night. There was still a few minutes of daylight left so our exploration of Mayville continued. We looped through town, through residential and industrial areas and as we were returning on the main drag…. when an old school building caught our eye. We pulled over at the Mayville Limestone School Museum to read the sign and take a better look. It was the oldest school still in operation, at one time. It has since been converted to a museum. It too is included on the National Register of Historic Places having been constructed at about the same time as our hotel. We enjoyed this little town and it’s architecture, as we always do.

The Audubon Inn reminded us of our Chick House project with Mike Leifheit. Which by the way is still a viable project…. Anyone interested should contact Belles Architecture or Mike Leifheit to discuss it’s continuation. Belles Architecture has schematic plans that are approved by the National Park Service and the state of Illinois for restoration of the Chick House as a 24 room Boutique Hotel and Bar / Restaurant, just like the Audubon Inn. Belles Architecture is ready to go, our pre-approved plans will save a year or more of time to an owner or group of investors with financing. The project also qualifies for historic tax credits. Don’t let this beauty located right across the street from the newly renovated Rockford Metro Center get away…. call today for the details and check out the photos in the gallery below!

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