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30 Years of Belles - Architecture

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

As we enter our 30th year in business we want to introduce our NEW and UPDATED website, by Robert Hebert Media - "RHM"!

We invested in the update to improve both of our Blogs, and to keep you thoroughly informed. It is a fast acting site on the WIX platform, where you become a site member to interact and communicate with us in real time, no matter where we are.

Yes, of course there is a story.....

Robert with RHM says Ya'll alot! he was born, raised and lives in Louisiana. We came to know him because we have mutual friend, Max. We met Max in 2009 while he and his parents were traveling, as were we, from Rome Italy to Ft. Lauderdale via the Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship.

It was her maiden transatlantic voyage and Max was one of only TWO teens on the ship.

Of course the other, was our daughter Susan. As long as Max and Susan were "accounted for" the teen cruise director Jessen, could take them anywhere and do almost anything on the ship - after homework was submitted of course.

It takes about 5 days to cross the Atlantic from Europe, so there was plenty of time to get acquainted. Max needed to practice English, speaking. Susan was challenged with a stress fracture from ballet and was in a boot.

After the two+ week Cruise, and to this day, we have kept in touch with Max and his family who lives in San Salvador. We felt a special connection because the kids had become friends, but also because Max's father was in Construction! Max went on to the University of Lousiana, where he earned an Engineering degree, and now lives and works there, where he became "soccer friends" with Robert of RHM! When I asked for web developer referrals Max sent me directly to Robert!

This is a great example of the special relationships that we build during our travel. They reach right into the web of our lives, and continue on for years to come. I really can't imagine life without those people who Cruise Travel as we do.

Cruising is the most comfortable way to travel long distances & there is plenty of time to meet new friends.

Why do we keep sharing our

cruise travel experinces with you?

It didn't take us long to figure out that by taking "CRUISE VACATIONS" we could keep in touch with our business. It used to be pricey to take a call from the ship sattelite service, but now - not so much. I can remember a very short call early on. It was a political candidate. Boy was Rob mad at Rob for answering the call!

For the most part the ability to keep in touch has enabled us to see the world without wondering and worrying about what is going on back in the office. AND, we have always had internet while traveling. Either thru the ship cell tower, or via our Solis Wifi Hot-Spot. [LINK TO PRODUCT] If you Clik this link to this favorite product of ours, and make a purchase we earn a small commission. In exchange for purchasing through our link you get a nice discount.

When on vacation our voice mail will direct others to EMAIL us. We will respond, but be patient, as some days we really are "on vacation". Meaning we won't be checking email on the day we scheduled diving, zipline, or a back-road tour of ancient architecture. When that is the case you can learn about it through our social media pages.

Here is a shot from yesterday which was one of those "no email days".

Since we do primarily "Commercial Architecture" MOST of our clients also OWN their own business. If you are one of them, we see and hear you, on a daily basis throughout your project. We seldom hear about your vacations. Does this mean you don't get away like you should? I suspect this is the case for many of you. Maybe parts of your family get away, but YOU stay back "to hold down the fort". I know, because that's what my father used to say.

This is why we share our tales of cruise travel with you. We hope to temp you. We hope to educate you. We hope to inspire you! We encourage you to JOIN us. We believe ALL people deserve a nice vacation annually or more! Even Business Owners..

Several years back we decided to add our LOVE OF CRUISE TRAVEL to our business services. In case you missed that, we have been selling/booking Cruise Travel for others for 8 years now! [Link to Shopping Website] We have personal experience in over a dozen brands on about 30 cruises (as of Winter 2022) under our belt. Did you know that if you book your cruise through us, you will get ALL of our EXPERTISE! And the BEST PART - the cruise line pays us for that. It doesn't cost you one penny more! All you pay is for your cruise travel package.

We know about and offer all of "the DEALS"! We have been THERE and done THAT! Cruising is now the SAFEST WAY TO TRAVEL, because everyone is vaccinated, tested just prior to embarkation and then travels in one big happy family bubble! I wrote this on a flight to Los Angeles where we embarked on the Emerald Princess for 15 Nights through the Panama Canal and back to Ft. Lauderdale. WE tested before we flew. We tested at the pier before getting on the ship. And we tested a third time two days later. Until three tests were complete, guests in the floating hotel were discouraged from gathering, and even dining with guests from other cabins.

Right now we are off the coast of the southern tip of Mexico - the state of Chiapas , en route to Costa Rica, than through the Panama Canal.

if you're looking for a safe and peaceful get away - this just might be IT! We got our sun time in this morning and are now putting in a little work time in our balcony cabin.

If you're not ready to book yet, but want to start learning - subscribe to our travel Blog at

Keep following and opening here too! We tend to post about the fabulous Architecture that we see on the Belles Firm of Architecture Blog - HERE !

Check out the new website and let us know how you like it. If you join as a “WIX member” there are chat and other features for communication that you may appreciate! We don’t go anywhere without our phones even during travel.. We answer every communication when and if we can!

Disclaimer: Rob and Lynn Belles wear many hats. If you happen upon a link within our blog here or at other linked sites, and you click it there is a possibility we could financially benefit from that. Generally speaking you have to make a purchase after clicking in order for us to earn income. But - It is our greatest hope that the things we share are of great value to you!

As always our opinions are our own and we always aspire to be an authentic voice - we DO NOT PROMOTE goods or services that we don't personally use and believe in.

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