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The Art of Work From Home

Earlier this week Twitter announced that from now on, most employees can work from home, indefinitely. I am sure that many of them had mixed emotions when hearing that announcement. Change is always difficult, and thus far they had all been thinking about this as a temporary condition. Since Rob and I have been working from home for over a decade now, I wanted to share some thoughts that I have on this, and hopefully inspire discussion. Working from home is an art. By that I mean that it’s something you have to set yourself up for and learn to do your way.

 This is – “The Art of Work From Home”

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Interestingly what is happening right now is that the companies people work for are accidently discovering a way to save a significant amount of money. The real estate that you used to inhabit daily is EXPENSIVE! The more people that can make working remotely effective and prosperous, the more money there should be in the bank for all of us. So lets give it our best shot with a positive attitude!

If you need an experienced “Art of Work from Home” space planning consultant, call an architect that has been working from home for a decade. Architects specialize in space planning. For a fee, we can help you plan the set up of your Work From Home Space(s). We will be here to help re-purpose that space, when it’s no longer needed as your place of employment!

Real Estate is ever changing and Architects are experts at planning for that next shift!

There are creative people everywhere – coming up with new ideas for building uses, every day! In the coming months everything we do will require more space that is less densly populated. I believe we will see many temporary and transitional uses. Responsible business’ will be upgrading airflow, air exchange, and air filtration. Building code updates will be of key importance. Public Health Departments will be monitoring. We will see more UV sanitation, and a deeper dedication to cleaning. Follow us here by subscribing – we will let you know how to tell which business’ are safe places to visit.

Once you are settled into your work from home workspace – and ready for your first get-away vacation, you will want to Travel Like an Architect™ and book a cruise, because cruises are the most Safe, Convenient and Affordable, pre-planned vacations you can purchase! Sure, feel free to dispute this – we have the scientific data to prove it!

Architect Rob, on the pier in Puerta Plata Dominican Republic, February 2020. In 30+ cruises we have NEVER been sick! We can tell you how and why….

Let’s talk in the comments below!

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