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Fort Napoléon des Saintes – #TLAAWindstar18

A new Country and port for us:

Our new found Cruise friends John and Stephanie suggested we rent scooters to “see” the island. This turned out to be one of the best decisions, and stops, of our two week Windstar Cruise.

This was not as easy a task as originally envisioned. I HIGHLY recommend securing a rental in advance of a visit. Visitors coming over on the Ferry had rented most of the available vehicles. Also, French is the DOMINATE (only) language spoken. Renting on line with Google Translate at your fingers will simplify and speed up the process.I would also caution you only rent IF you are VERY comfortable on a motorcycle or scooter. Roads are rough, narrow, slippery, and steep! As a motorcycle rider you will be frustrated with the 50cc automatic. As we were taught in the Motor Cycle Safety Foundation class; “speed is your friend”.

John and Stephanie were ready to Travel Like an Architect, and see “The Fort”. Off, and UP, we went. Passing those who took the short 1.5km walk UP the mountain it was clear the scooter was a good choice.

Fort Napoleon is built on the morne/bluff, called Mire. The Fort, originally named Fort Louis, was destroyed in 1809. The Fort was rebuilt by Napoleon III in 1867, and named after him.

The new/rebuilt fort never saw use in battle, and was instead used as a penitentiary. It is one of the more complex and fortified places we have visited. It would have been as difficult to leave, as to attack.

We did much riding, and sight seeing. Pretty sure we hit EVERY beach. Our last stop was The Battery atop a hill filled with antennas, gypsies, and goats. A ROUGH ride up a gravel road rewarded us with some fantastic views.

If a Windstar Cruise and a visit to exotic places appeals to you, contact Belles World Travel – Cruises, Inc.815-516-0300www.BellesTravel.comTo learn about more fun places to see, visit our blog at:

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